Vision Mission and Company Values


“To become a trusted and leading Securities Funding Institution to increase Indonesia’s capital market growth.”

The description of the Company’s Vision are:

  1. Trusted and Leading Securities Funding Institution.
    The Company was established with the main purpose of improving the liquidity of Indonesia’s capital market through the provision of funding products to participants both in the secondary market and the primary market.
  2. To Increase Indonesia’s Capital Market Growth.
    One of the supporters of Indonesia capital market growth is stock market liquidity. If the stock trading transaction in Indonesia’s capital market is increasing, it is expected that more investors will invest in Indonesia’s capital market. Therefore, the Company is committed to be a catalyst by providing a variety of products that support the growth of the Indonesia’s capital market.


“To provide fast, easy, and competitive securities funding as well as innovative funding services in accordance with the needs of the Indonesia’s capital market.”

Company Values

  1. Market oriented
    Focused on service and innovation to meet the needs of the Indonesia’s capital market.
  2. Excellence
    Providing the best service to the stakeholders through solid teamwork.
  3. Prudence
    Applying the principle of prudence in every action and decision-making.
  4. Empowerment
    Developing and empowering human resources.
  5. Integrity
    Maintaining consistency between statements and actions, trustworthiness, and professionalism.