23-34 Agustus 2019

PEI berpartisipasi di acara pameran pasar modal di Capital Market Summit & Expo 2019 di Assembly Hall, JCC

23-34 Agustus 20192019-08-28T01:19:30+00:00

21 Agustus 2019

PEI melakukan penandatanganan Perjanjian Kerja Sama (PKS) dengan Kresna Sekuritas di Kresna Sekuritas

21 Agustus 20192019-08-28T01:17:01+00:00

February 18, 2019

PEI participated in "Sharing Session Compliance Officer" held by Indonesia Stock Exchange in Seminar Room, Indonesia Stock Exchange Building

February 18, 20192019-06-13T01:29:58+00:00

November 25, 2018

PEI carried out the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity by giving donation to orphans in Mega Mendung Village, West Java.

November 25, 20182019-06-13T01:27:17+00:00